Jacob Bright.

Producer, Composer and Music Director // Grad. 2011 (BA Hons, music) & 2012 (MA, composition) //

Previous clients and collaborators // Ålesund, Andy Sheppard, Background Productions, BBC, Bristol Live Magazine, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol Proms, Bristol University, BT Sport, Channel 4, Cheltenham International Music Festival, Chess Galea, Christchurch Studios, Dan Brown, Donroy Entertainment, A Doubtful Sound, DriveThru, Eleven Arches, Factory Studios, Future Dub Orchestra, FUZE, St. George’s Bristol, Griffin Studio, Holly Walker, Hope for Apes, Joyshop, Kate Stapley, Katie Shiff, Kim Wilde (live), Kynren, Little Room Productions, Live Life Give Life, Longines, Mary Spender, My Octopus Mind, Nathan Stornetta, North Downs, Oblong Films, Orgamites, PATT Foundation, Pedestrian, Rebecca Shelley, Reel Me Records, Rocher Mistral, Ruins, Saint Vidal, Sashamill Films, Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, Space Driver, Springbreak, Svelte, Swatch, Three London Planes, Ways and Means, This Window, Top Gear, Vanessa Mae (live) //

Selected Gear // Monitoring by Adam, ATC and Avantone. Microphones by Neumann, Shure, Bang & Olufsen and BeyerDynamic. Digital by Universal Audio and ProTools. Preamps by Neve, Universal Audio, Chandler and AML. Guitars by Fender, Shergold, Gibson and Epiphone. Synths by Roland, Dave Smith Instruments, MOOG and Korg. Amplification by Orange, Marshall and Fender. Drums by Gretsch. VSTis by Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments and Slate & Ash. //